PeaceWorks. Everyday resistance that will eventually make us good human beings.

PeaceWorks. Yes. Certainly more than, say, war, conflict, violence, destruction. Think about it. See the world around you. On your TV and your laptop and your mobile. The more the news hits you, the more numb and disinterested you get. After all, you say, how much can you take? At Seagull, we decided to do something about it. We chose the arts as our ‘tool’ of communication. The core idea being: hey, we need to live with difference and allow it the same space to breathe that we, us, ourselves demand. That’s it.

Share Stories Open Minds

Storytelling is one of humanity's oldest art forms and an enduring educational method. Stories can spark social change. Since ancient times ideas and values embedded in stories have educated, inspired and motivated listeners—and this is exactly what our volunteers do for the Nabadisha children.

After 8 years of reaching out to over 2000 children and helping them better negotiate the differences rooted in our society, we now wish to restructure the project into a year long internship programme.

If you have a passion for telling stories and have  2–4 hours to spare every week, call us today at 24556942/43 or write to


PeaceWorks - Winner of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Marketplace of Ideas Award 2010.


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