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PeaceWorks is an initiative of the Seagull Foundation for the Arts which works with young minds through art and culture to foster a spirit of peaceful coexistence. For more than a decade now, PeaceWorks has worked closely with hundreds of students and teachers, in India and across the border with schools in Pakistan, and in Kashmir, designing and carrying out projects which bring together children from varying religious, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, developing their sensitivities and creating a platform that facilitates ‘living with difference’.

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Details of our projects:

History for Peace

The newest project under the PeaceWorks umbrella— is a network for history teachers and educators in the subcontinent. The objective is the teaching and learning of history for peace and understanding, through exploring multi disciplinary and creative approaches with emphasis on the arts.

We have held two annual conferences on Teaching History, reaching out to over 200 educators and members of civil society. Our next conference ‘ The Idea of India’ will be held in August, in the memory of our friend and benefactor, Kozo Yamamura.

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For details of the upcoming conference, watch this space.

Share Stories Open Minds

The PeaceWorks storytelling project—sparks the imagination and plants vital ideas through fun and games as children are introduced to the infinite world of stories that inculcate the idea of ‘living with difference’. Active for over six years now, the project has reached out to over 1000 children in many non-conventional schools for the underprivileged across Calcutta.

We are currently in the process of restructuring it into an internship program.

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Dialogue for Peace

A project that brings Kashmiri youth, between ages 12 and 17, to Calcutta and other cities of India. To come together, learn and share with young folks in these ‘conflict-free zones’, through workshops on theatre, art, film, photography and sports. Over eight sessions in Calcutta, Srinagar and Assam, PeaceWorks has directly touched the lives of 200 youth across diverse regional, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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