Anne Frank—A History for Today | Reflections

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The exhibition cum workshop ‘Anne Frank- A History for Today’ enabled us to understand the depth of the persecutions that took place and the suffering that the Jews underwent at the hands of the Nazis. Not only was it highly informative, the exhibition embedded within us a sense of compassion and love for all human beings, regardless of their race, class, caste, gender or nationality. Furthermore, it provided me with an opportunity to be a peer guide, thus helping me become more confident.


I’m sure the exhibition triggered a wave of empathy in the students of Ludhiana. It enhanced their global outlook and made them aware of the history of the world. Engaging in conversations with both students and teachers turned out to be quite fruitful. Several ideas were exchanged, and different theories and ideologies were put forward. It was then that we realized that what happened in history is prevalent even today. Minority communities all around the world continue to face discrimination at the hands of the majority community and major issues like these continue to be overlooked. It is because of exhibitions like these that the youth is inspired and determined to stand up and voice their opinions.

Ms. Meena Megha Malhotra, who headed the workshop managed to strike a chord with all the students and teachers alike and was able to sensitize us towards all the atrocities and the brutality with which the people were killed during the World War.

The entire experience of the workshop was immensely educative and we look forward to more learning experiences like these.


DPS Ludhiana