Anne Frank—A History for Today | A Testimony

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The entire project consisted of workshops, exhibition and research work followed by making a documentary on understanding the concept of peaceful co-existence despite enormous diversities in the Indian Sub continent in relation to how the Europeans dealt with their diversities. It was lot of food for thought.

Anne Frank’s life story encourages people to work together for a free and democratic society, in which people tolerate each other despite their differences. The exhibition and the related education activities urges the viewer/participant to develop critical thinking which is the key feature of a democratic society. It presents the concrete consequences of political decisions made at that time, a symbol for the enormous suffering of the millions of people during Hitler’s regime. The exhibition informs visitors about the history of the holocaust from the perspective of Anne Frank and her family. It depicts historical facts and events that governed their lives, thus illustrating the rippling effect of National Socialism resulting in 50 million war deaths.

Various kinds of discrimination still exist in our society. The exhibition convinces visitors that the creation of a society in which differences between people are respected is not something automatic. It is essential that each individual commits to defending the rights of others to the best of his or her ability. Every nation has a duty to combat racism and all forms of discrimination. It is essential to assert Human Rights and dignity of those around us and take action whenever necessary to defend the rights of others.

After visiting the exhibition most students began research on the events related to the WW-II and stumbled upon a lot of disturbing facts, which lead to further discussions in classes. The students who were part of the Memory Walk project benefitted greatly since they could express their creative and problem solving skills. The guides at the exhibition were over enthusiastic in sharing their learning with the visitors. Over all it was a great learning experience for the entire team of students and teachers.


Student, DPS Ludhiana