Arts education-my experience at Jorasanko

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We all want to invest. The key notion behind every investment is the belief that it will brighten our future. Looking aside from our personal investments, what about the country, the world? Children are the future and improving the lives of these children, is an investment into a better future.

I visited one of the Nabadisha Centres, informal schools run by the Kolkata Police, located in Jorasanko. There were children as young as 4 years and some were in their teens. These children spend a few hours there every evening. Sometimes studying and finishing their homework and once every week immersed in art or theatre. The children have the liberty to express themselves anyway they like through these mediums.


Arpita Guha conducted the theatre session. She expressed that in the past six months, working with these children, has led to immense improvement in their habits and behaviour. Initially the children appeared dishevelled and uninterested. But eventually with time they have begun co-operating with her, and have begun to appreciate what they were showed, enjoying it, and participating quite anxiously in every activity. She has taught them jingles, short songs and poems through games, which instilled an understanding of life and a way to live it.

The children have learnt to dream, to grow and improve their lives. A girl shared with me her ambition of becoming a police officer and how her mother supports her dream.  Some children have been coming to Nabadisha for almost five years now and continue to do so. When asked they say they have not only learnt things but have been exposed to a different perspective of life. Their manners and values have changed, for the better. They clearly sense a difference in them and their surroundings.


They also were happy as they acted out poems and skits developed by themselves. This boosts their imagination, confidence and also an understanding of their surroundings. When told something or instructed, they were attentive and inquisitive at the same time. And they participated with complete interest in every activity. Through games like Chinese whisper or Simon Says they are illustrated small things, which do matter.


My experience visiting this centre proved to be highly rewarding as I learnt a lot.

Musfera Javed