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Bolo Kya Banoge Tum is the story of a king and a slave. The king is the oppressor, the slave is the oppressed. The characters are stereotypical, and the situations, at first glance, are simple. Yet, as the students probe deeper and deeper, they are able to discover many layers and many different ways of looking at the situations.

The story moved through three episodes, each followed by a discussion with the audience. The discussions were conducted by Moloyashree Hashmi and after her initial set of questions, the discussions invariably took a new route every time, depending on the issues that the children took up, their responses to various questions.

Jana Natya Manch (Janam) is India’s premier street theatre group. Formed in 1973, the group has to its credit about 60 original street plays, with about 8,000 performances. Janam’s street plays have been widely translated into virtually every major language of the country and some plays, like Aurat, Machine and Halla Bol have been performed in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Hong Kong, Canada, etc. Among Janam’s founder members was Safdar Hashmi, who was killed in performance in1989. Janam also does larger, two-hour plays, performing them in the open in locales where people live and work. Most recently, in January 2004, Janam was commissioned by the World Social Forum in Mumbai to prepare a multimedia show entitled Bush ka Matlab Jhadi (Bush is a bush is a bush). The group survives on the voluntarily contributed energies of its members and the financial support extended by its audiences. The group does not accept corporate, governmental, or non-governmental grants or sponsorships.