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Foreign Contribution details Oct 2015 to Dec 2015

Audited Accounts F/Y 2014-2015 (FCRA funds only)

Ms. Sunandini Banerjee, Chief Editor and Senior Designer, Seagull Books
Ms. Arundhati Ghosh, Director, India Foundation for the Arts
Mrs. Kalyani Ghosh, Publisher, Thema
Mr. Naveen Kishore, Managing Trustee. Publisher, Seagull Books
Mr. Samik Banerjee, Film Critic  and editor  
Ms. Anjum Katyal, Editor

Milestones from the past
New Indian Playwright Series
In a country divided by language, regional traditions and cultural variations, promoting cultural interaction across differences becomes all the more important. The babel of regional theatre with no bridges of communication or collaboration prompted Seagull to conceive country�s first translation and publication programme for contemporary playwrights. Click here for the list

Seagull Theatre Quarterly
In print from 1995 � 2005, an all India English journal of contemporary theatre and performance. It documented serious theatre from across the country and brought it to the readers.
Back issues here

Video Biographies

Choice A youth leadership programme which inspired and unearthed young social entrepreneurs seeking lives in the social sphere and working for social change.

Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre
The Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre, set up in 2001, functioned as a reference library, an archive, an institution for the dissemination of various forms of arts, a performance space/exhibition centre, as well as providing a meeting point where debates/discussions on the Arts and their surrounding culture and politics take place.

The resource centre networked actively with other cultural organizations and libraries to offer the maximum possibilities for all users through regular programmes, workshops, screenings, debates, seminars, and exhibitions. Programmes archive here.



For the past 30 years, the Seagull Foundation for the Arts (estd 1987) has been actively supporting and nurturing the arts in India—especially the fine arts, theatre and cinema—out of a deep conviction and commitment to the belief that the arts are everyone’s responsibility. These have been years of promoting collaborative and experimental activity across and within disciplines, functioning as a production unit, providing support systems, networking, exhibiting, sponsoring, designing, printing and publishing, and making available documentation and critical commentary across the arts. The Seagull Foundation for the Arts has been supported by the Ford Foundation from 1987 to 2009.

The foundation's current projects include:
The Seagull Gallery - a flexible programming area which works as gallery space for exhibitions, a screening room, and a space for lec-dems, workshops, discussions, interactive sessions and intimate performances.

The Seagull School of Publishing � The only one of its kind publishing academy in India—a natural culmination of thirty years of Seagull experience in publishing. An initiative of the Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Calcutta. In association with Seagull Books. Supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi.

PeaceWorks - An initiative of The Seagull Foundation for the Arts—aims to strengthen values of mutual coexistence and respect for all communities. A programme which grounds itself in the arts and culture, PeaceWorks works within the area of civil society and education.

Since 2003, PeaceWorks has worked with scores of students and teachers, in India and across the border with schools in Pakistan, to instill the faith and the practice of ‘integration’—integration as a way of being.
In 2015, PeaceWorks launched History for Peace a network for history teachers across the subcontinent.

Seagull Books (estd 1982) has been crafting books with an eye to both exceptional content and radical design. What began as an instinctive and highly risky business of publishing books—books on theatre, visual arts, alternative cinema, philosophy, culture—continues to be a passionately felt need of the hour: manuscripts that need to see the light of day, to reach a readership, to stimulate minds, to change outlooks.

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